Decision making in a real estate environment is often complicated. Not only for companies who see real estate as a tool to accommodate people or processes, but also for real estate companies such as investors, developers, housing corporations, builders and governmental bodies. Since Realfort was founded in 2004, we have built a broad expertise in bringing complex issues back to its essentials, using our tailor-made tools and models to advise our clients in their approach of their real estate challenges. Some advisory services are:

Portfolio analysis

Many existing real estate portfolios have undergone a historic growth path. The strategy that served as the underlayer for that growth may have changed over the years and not all properties in the portfolio may still tick all the boxes that the current strategy requires. Realfort analyses real estate portfolios and provides conclusions and recommendations regarding the properties individually and the portfolio as a whole, where possible in the context of the existing real estate strategy.

Feasibility study

Companies with plans to develop real estate or to redevelop or alter existing properties may require an analysis of the financial impact of that decision. Realfort can assist by modeling the various scenarios in order to increase transparency and aid the decision making process. In addition Realfort can provide a check of market variables in order to validate the scenarios and create optimal reliability of the results.

Portfolio plan

When building a real estate portfolio, companies often base their acquisitions, disposals and other decisions on a real estate strategy and a tactical plan. These documents require periodic evaluation to ensure they represent the latest company requirements and insights and are up to date. To write a portfolio plan or make adjustments to an existing portfolio plan, there needs to be a strong consensus concerning strategy, goals, risks and returns. Realfort advises investors in the creation of a solid portfolio plan assists in gaining insight in the consequences of this portfolio plan for the existing portfolio.

Structuring advisory

The way a real estate portfolio is structured, has consequences for many aspects such as responsibilities, reliabilities, risks, financing and various taxes. Realfort advises clients, often teamed up with other specialists such as tax advisors, legal advisors and auditors, when shaping a structure that fits the properties and the organization.

Realfort is very experienced in restructuring existing real estate companies. Due to changes in situation or context for the company, its shareholders or other stakeholders, or changes in scope or goals of the company, an existing structure can be outdated and require alterations. This is usually an intensive and complicated process that requires balancing many interests. Through our knowledge of real estate, company structures, property finance, financial reporting and valuation, we can take the role of process manager and ensure that the interests of our client are protected.

Transaction advisory

Realfort serves clients by managing the entire acquisition or disposition process. However, some clients prefer to manage these processes themselves and have Realfort assist them. We can undertake specific tasks, such as manage the dataroom, advise in negotiation processes or carry out valuation analyses.

Valuation advisory

For property owners there are many reasons to gain insight in the market value of a property or portfolio. Not every occasion requires a full valuation report. Sometimes an analysis on the basis of agreed assumptions or scenarios are more suitable to create the required insight in the value or performance of real estate or to support decision making. Realfort provides tailor-made valuation solutions.

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