Asset management

No matter how well considered your real estate (portfolio) strategy is, its real success is determined by effective management and implementation. Realfort specialises in advice and management services for your real estate. Based on your real-estate policy and your return targets, we ensure an optimal yield, control and monitoring of daily operational management and agency leasing activities, and give you a permanent up-to-date insight into the performance of your portfolio.

We stand for an independent way of working and invest in a long-term relationship with you and your organisation. We don’t invest in real estate itself, we simply look after your interests.

The value of real estate is not fixed. Various interests and forces in the real estate market affect the changes in value. Effective daily management is required to create and maximize the value of your portfolio. With our proven track record, knowledge and qualified network of collaborators, we can significantly increase your clout in the field of real estate (portfolio) management.

Realfort carries out total management on behalf of owners of real estate (portfolios), its activities including:

  • Advice about organising portfolio management
  • Carrying out (portfolio) analysis and translating it into a concrete approach
  • Conducting management of individual real estate or real estate profiles within predefined frameworks (such as returns, budget, scope etc.)
  • Pro-active guidance throughout the entire investment cycle, from purchase to sale
  • Advice on how to organise real estate financing
  • Regular consultation and insightful reports on real estate (portfolio) performance
  • Maintaining contacts with existing tenants and suitably anticipating their wishes and considerations
  • Facilitating and managing lease brokers
  • Direct involvement in negotiations with (potential) tenants
  • Realfort carries out independent asset management on behalf of real estate owners. At the request of shareholders there are also several companies in which (statutory) management is carried out in combination with complete asset management.

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